Circle 5 is charming audiences everywhere with their energetic shows.

Jam packed with original songs, reggae classics, soulful harmony singing and powerful dance hall beats, Circle 5 is making memorable music that audiences everywhere can dance to.

Fronted by Sattalites lead singer Fergus Hambleton, and featuring the searing vocals of Hermina George, Circle 5 pushes the boundaries of reggae into soul, country and jazz genres. With the sparkling rhythm section of Sun Ray Grennan on drums and Bruce Mack on bass, anchored by the keyboard magic of Sam Weller, reggae music has never sounded so sweet!

Circle 5 touches on all the styles, from classic rock’s steady vibes to wicked dancehall beats, bringing a fresh take to rhythm, blues and jazz. Building on the reggae foundation, tight three-part harmonies capture a soulful feeling that audiences love.

Fergus Hambleton is best known as the lead singer and sax player for 2x Juno Award winning band, The Sattalites. Hambleton has a career in the Canadian music scene that stretches back some 40 years as a solo artist and session player.

Hermina George is veteran of the Toronto reggae and R&B scene. Her incredible singing lights up the reggae and soul classics that Circle 5 performs. Sam Weller is a noted Toronto session keyboardist; he also runs the successful recording/production house Slamm Productions. Nicknamed “the Mad Scientist”, Weller bubbles and cooks on the keyboards, creating a feverish rhythmic pulse. The group is rounded out by Sattalites bassist Bruce Mack and drummer extraordinaire Sun Ray Grennan, one of the most innovative and entertaining drummers in the field. In addition to being a master of many Caribbean drumming styles, Sun Ray is a fantastic DJ and toaster who keeps everyone entertained with his powerful rapping and soulful singing


Hermina George – Lead Vocals
Fergus Hambleton – Guitar, Sax, & Vocals
Sun Ray Grennan “The Riddim King” – Drums & Vocals
Bruce Mack – Bass
Fearghas Gundy – Trombone
Sam Wellar “Mad Scientist” – Keyboards


Radio Promotions-Spring:
“Turn Off The Lights” single to
national college, digital & CBC radio


2017 Tour Dates

April 7- Eat & Drink Norfolk
May 27 – Niagara Folk Arts Fest “JUMP UP”
May 28- Niagara Springlious Festival
June 4 – Northern Heat Rib Fest Tour – Hamilton, ON

——-Saskatchewan Tour———-
June 15 – Media Meet n Greet / Performance – TBD
June 16 – CTV Saskatoon Morning Show Live Performance
June 17 – CTV Regina Morning Show Live Performance
June 18 – Saskatchewan Summer Solstice Festival
June 19 – Media Meet n Greet / Performance – TBD
July 2 – Toronto Rib Festival
July 3 – Waterdown Rib Festival
July 4 – Hamilton It’s Your Festival
July 17 – Northern Heat Rib Fest Tour
July 29 – Hamilton Food Fest
August 6 – Brantford Rib Fest
August 20 – Bolton Rib Fest

August Winona Peach Fest
September 3 – Burlington Rib Fest
September 10 – Waterloo Summer’s End Music Fest